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Achieving Goals, Treasuring Values… the true epitome of the MRL Group !! it is a conglomerate of companies with logistics & hospitality at core. With the first company initiated in 1962 till where we stand today, the owners of the companies have progressed ahead with one single prime goal in mind to empower businesses with the best offerings and the drive to evolve with technology & time.

Our Vision

We share the vision that our customers and stakeholders are best served by creating and executing future scenarios in the logistics & hospitality space leading to economic development. We are the trendsetters in evolving businesses and delivery formats and by making work flow easier, more accessible and tech friendly across all customer segments.

We shall ensure that our positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us successful.

Our Values

Respect & Humility

In dealing with everyone within and outside the organisation.


By constantly learning and being inspired from the universal laws of nature.


For continuous learning, self-development and personal excellence.

Openness & Adaptability

By accepting new ideas and knowledge, and being proactive in meeting challenges emerging from changing business scenarios.

Valuing & Nurturing Relationships

With customers, business associates, stakeholders, communities and the society LEADERSHIP in thought and in business.

Simplicity & Positivity

To foster innovation, speed and imagination.