Started way back in 1960 with just one tanker, this company has grown after having survived a number leaps and bounds, in the last 45 years. The company today, has 21 branches all over India, along with 140 Stainless Steel Tankers, running its fleet between Amritsar to Trivandrum and from Kolkata to Kandla, transporting Liquid Chemicals like Industrial Alcohol, Acetic Acid, Ethyl Acetate, LAB, Vinyl Acetate Monomer & Acetaldehyde. We are thus widespread and offer the best of the products and services all over India.

With this we started giving Time Bound delivery cargo services from Mumbai to Chennai in 32 hours, from Mumbai to Delhi in 44 hours and from Mumbai to Kolkata in 72 hours. It has a tie up with Speedage Express Cargo for space marketing. Furthermore, it has a fleet of 20 trucks in 3 sectors and a promising business field for white goods like computers, TV's, spare parts etc.